Intensive Care is the story of a southern woman on the verge of a breakdown after her husband falls into a coma. In an effort to escape reality, she kidnaps the neglected 11-year old boy next door and takes him on a road-trip, all while the cops and their families try to track them down.

Intensive Care is based on an award-winning play by Lawrence Hughes Stern and is a beautiful story of a deep friendship between a young boy and an older woman that crosses generational lines targeted for a festival and theatrical release.


Margaret Davies’ life is turned upside down when her husband John lays comatose in the ICU unit of a Southern hospital. To make things worse, Margaret has been drinking to dull the pain. She shares with her daughter, Kate Richards, and son-in-law, Lucas, the preposterous story about her husband John’s accident. She says that one afternoon while on a beautiful drive, from out of nowhere John pulls into a roadside eatery. As Margaret waits in the car, John climbs to the top of the neon sign and jumps off.

Upon hearing this delusional tale, Kate breaks down and is unable to bear the person that her mother has become. But, unfortunately, the family must now face the sobering decision of life or death, as John’s condition worsens and doctors recommend turning off his life support.

Margaret’s hold on reality slips. And, after a series of chance encounters coupled with her over-consumption, Margaret becomes convinced that the young, neglected and abused boy next door, T.J., possesses her dying husband’s soul.  Caught between reality and fantasy, she kidnaps the 11-year-old and takes him on a coastal road-trip to revisit the better times she shared with her husband.

On the road, Margaret’s mental state continues to deteriorate and the bond between her and T.J. grows stronger, it becomes it’s apparent that they both need each other more than they know.  A worried Kate puts out a missing person report for the two and as the police get closer to them, Margaret finally recognizes that she must bravely face life’s present moment, before she slips further into madness, putting both herself and young T.J. at risk.

STATUS: Pre-Production

ATTACHED CAST: Lena Olin (Margaret), Bruce Davison (John), Mira Sorvino (Julia)Ames MacNamara (TJ), Katharine McPhee (Kate), Chris Klein (Lucas), Mark Adair-Rios (supporting), Vince Lozano (supporting) 

DIRECTED BY: David Mickey Evans (The Sandlot series, Radio Flyer)

PRODUCED BY: Mark Adair-Rios & Lawrence Hughes Stern

WRITTEN BY: Lawrence Hughes Stern

Genre: Drama – Target Market: Baby Boomer Generation, Adults/Couples 35-60+ yrs

Principal Photography Start: Summer 2018 – Georgia

Intensive Care is a funny, touching and life-affirming portrayal of coming of age and coming to terms with some of the tribulations that life has to offer.


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